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Jude Kennedy



My interest in photography began when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  I used to hang out in my basement with my father while he was creating images in his B&W darkroom.  I had no idea what he was doing and I thought I was just spending time with him!  He put a camera in my hands, taught me how to use a light meter and I started carrying a camera with me just about everywhere I went.

I took a B&W course during my junior year in college and everything my father was doing in his darkroom clicked and suddenly made sense!


During college, I enjoyed shooting videos and that turned into videotaping weddings for a few years.   I started getting calls from clients to shoot stills for weddings and I took on a few small weddings and second weddings and got some good results.  I realized that if I wanted to get great results, I would need to learn from a photographer shooting weddings.  


I ended up working for a premier wedding photograpy studio in Bergen County NJ as a photo assistant and wedding photographer.  I thought I knew a lot about photography until I started working for the studio!.  Let's just say wedding photography is highly stressful and extremely fast paced and not for the faint of heart!  I stayed for over 10 years and ended up making the difficult decision to leave in order to spend more time with my family.  

Since leaving the studio, I have kept my hand in creating images for clients and also shooting just about anything that kept me interested in capturing special moments for a wide variety of clients.  I also had the honor of capturing my beautiful step daughters wedding - probably more nervous about that wedding than any other wedding I captured!


Having kids is one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my life.  This also afforded me the opportunity to capture almost all of their special events as well as their  sporting events over the past 15 or so years.  I figured that while I was shooting them, I might as well shoot their friends too!  I've had a lot of fun creating the images of them over the years - their friends and parents liked them too!

One of my favorite subjects to create images of is my other step daughter.  She has autism and almost always has a smile on her face.  Her photo is on this website.  So if you need someone to create images of a special needs person, I have the patience to work with this ever growing group of special people. 


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